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Douglas booth please:((((
asked by Anonymous

I have that in mind, I just really don’t have time to draw since I’m back at uni :(:( 

Hello, I saw your Zoella hair drawing, and wow, you're so talented! I recognized her easily, that's amazing. I wanted to ask you about your inspiration. I love to draw, but nowadays I just don't have any idea when the "What should I draw?" question comes. I haven't draw like a month ago, and it's really annoying. So how do you get inspiration? Do you have any tips or something? (sorry if i wrote something wrong, my english isn't the best)
asked by tutajcsiga

Hi! Thank you :) Well, I think I’m not going to be very helpful because I often have the same problem. Sometimes I don’t draw for a very long time because I don’t have time/ideas. Inspiration comes literally from everywhere and always unexpectedly. Sometimes it is a song, or a whole album, or a person. I don’t really know how to explain it more precisely. Sometimes when I look at someone very beautiful I think “I gotta draw him/her” and that’s it. And other times I hear a song and an image appears in my mind. 

I saw the zoella hair drawing and the caption was removed (the credits were still there dont worry :)) anyway I recognized zoella in them imediately, witch is pretty amezing since you didnt draw her face, you draw perfecr
asked by Anonymous

well that happens when notes go crazy

anyways, thank you very much :)

Hi :) I just came across your blog. I love your drawings of course like all your followers. I also love drawing, but I only draw black and white portraits with pencils. I cant use watercolors or any colors for that matter. I've always wanted to though and it sucks that I can't just yet. I was wondering, have you always used colors or have you had like a colorless phase of drawing like me? And also do you see the things that you draw while you're drawing or you can easily draw from imagination?

Hi :) Thank you! At the beginning I used to draw coloured portraits with pastels but then I swtiched them for pencils and I was only doing black and white portraits for some time. I’ve started using watercolours recently because I wanted to try something new. I don’t have any specific knowledge on how to use them. I’m mostly just playing with them and usually it comes out quite nice (i think?). I always have a picture of the person I’m drawing in front of me but sometimes I add some additional elements from myself. 

What kind of pens do you use for your portraits ?
asked by Anonymous
asked by Anonymous

that’s actually a really good suggestion! i wanted to draw him once but then i forgot haha. gonna go look for some good pictures

Decided to post these two drawings again for comparison, since they are the two most liked drawings of mine.


Hey! Your art is amazing! I love your hair drawings especially. I wanted to ask you about the pencils you use? Are they necessary for detailed drawings with all the shading you do? I never thought I would need them because I thought if you applied different amounts of pressure from a regular pencil it wouldn't make much of a difference. Can you advise? Thank you, love the talent you have.
asked by Anonymous

Hello! Thank you very much! About the hair drawings: I use progresso 6 set by Koh-I-Noor which includes 6 woodless graphite pencils (8B-6B-4B-2B-HB-AQUARELL). I don’t use the last one too much though. I think that they’re not absolutely necessary. You can do as you said: by applying different amounts of pressure from a regular pencil. I used to do that before I equipped myself with more pencils. Nevertheless, I prefer having all kinds because it’s just easier for me to draw like that and I like the final effect more. If you want perfect details done, then you should definitely use one of the hard pencils. Also remember to sharpen it well.

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