Art is the weapon against life as a symptom.

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How often do you change your paintbrushes?

I’ve started painting recently and these are the first paintbrushes I bought and they are quite new. I think I’ll change them when they wear out. I’ve had some paintbrushes before but I wasn’t really using them so.. I left them somewhere at home, forgot about them and bought new ones.

Finally found some time to finish this up with watercolours.
Hairstyles of My Hertsgard

... maybe not so much technique (which i don't think you lack) than i guess there's nothing wrong with it! and MAINLY -> if it makes you happy + (it makes other people happy sometimes as well) + it does no harm to others = NO PROBLEM + EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!

you :)

ok, i wanted to reply to your last post but the word limit made it impossible to do it directly. first of all, idk why this person thinks you're skipping steps and you need to learn. i constantly see progress in your work and how does one achieve progress if not through learning?? secondly, i went to national museum a month ago and 70% of the art lacked any meaning not to mention soul. if this art you produce shows you (as your soul) and maybe not...


I’ve just received these two messages I believe are from the same person so I will just answer them all at once.
First of all, thanks for expressing your opinion, you have every right to do that and if you thought I would get offended then you were wrong. It would be nice if you didn’t write it anonymously though, or at least introduced yourself if you don’t own a tumblr account. 
Second of all, I’ve never said I am a professional atrist. If you read my bio, then you’ll see it says “more than amatour” so please don’t judge me as a professional, because I’m not one. I’m a hobbyist and I draw because I enjoy it. And I surely don’t post my drawings here to get notes or to “impress” people. I didn’t want to show my drawings to anyone at first. It was my friend who convinced me to start showing my drawings to people. 
Thirdly, I mostly draw portraits and portraying, as far as I know, means to copy a face (whether it is from a photo or from a live model) to the paper. If you disagree, then please explain to me how would I draw people’s faces reliably without copying details, which make their faces theirs? As I said before, drawing is my hobby, and I don’t have either a) money nor b) time to take any professional art lessons (and I would if I had any of the above).
And finally, I’d appreciate if you didn’t comment on people here who give me positive feedback only because they are not professional artists. I don’t check every single person who likes/reblogs my posts and I guess you don’t either, but who knows maybe they know more about art than you think? Nevertheless, earth is composed mostly of mundane people who rather lack such professional knowledge (no offence. I obviously lack that knowledge as well) and if there is that many of those people who like what I do, then there can’t be nothing wrong with it. At least as long as people like it. 
I guess I’m gonna finish right there. Cheers.
Half drawing/half painting of Dan Smith [BΔSTILLE]
started Dan from Bastille 
Miniature paintings collection
Imagine Dragons ‘Night Visions’
The Maine ‘Forever Halloween’
Brand New ‘Daisy’
Bastille ‘Bad Blood’
Bastille ‘Bad Blood’ miniature painting: a close-up